QQEvolution- a System for Managing your Agency

QQEvolution- a System for Managing your Agency

Independent agents should never buy an agency management system.

Instead, they should have a system to manage their agency.

Having consulted with hundreds of independent agents, the most common issue we run into is the use of their agency management system.  All too often it is used to simply collect data, but then falls short when it comes to providing any useful information.  With the retention of current clients and the need for the ability to easily identify mono-line clients to solicit additional business from them, having a “system to manage your agency” has never been more important.  QQSolutions – the industry’s 3rd most used system – has the answer.

QQEvolution is a system to manage your agency.  With the ability to easily generate ACORD forms, “drag and drop” image and file attachments, batch and individual scanning to a policy level, report generation and one of the most effective cross marketing functions of any agency management system, QQEvolution is by far the best value in the marketplace today.

After 25 years in the insurance business and over 4500 agencies and 25,000 users already using QQSolutions products, we know what independent agents need to manage their business. We continue to enhance our current products and develop new ones to meet the changing business and technological needs of the insurance industry.  We recently introduced QQCatalyst – a system that will revolutionize the way your agency does business.

To find out how our products can help your agency grow by having a “system for managing your agency”, give me a call at (860) 334-6424 or e-mail me at JFear@QQSolutions.com.  As an industry consultant (and a licensed agent) who has worked with hundreds of agents countrywide, I would love the chance to provide you with a demonstration of our “solutions” for your agency’s needs.


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